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Our trainer for children & youths


Anna Homburg grew up in Ukraine. She has practised various sports since early childhood. This was followed by sports training at the Olympic Gymnasium in Ukraine and later a completed teacher training degree in foreign languages. When she moved to Germany in 1999, she started practising Kung Fu, which she continues to do today. In addition to practising Kung Fu, she gives physical education classes in Berlin Kitas and also practices other disciplines closely related to martial arts, such as archery, swimming, apnoea diving, climbing and Go game.

Our trainer for youth & adults


In 1990, at the age of 15, I discovered my enthusiasm for martial arts.
I discovered my enthusiasm for martial arts in Vietnamese KungFu. Since then, I have learned modern and traditional WuShu as well as QiGong from a wide variety of masters and teachers. In order to pass on my knowledge, I started teaching WuShu myself more than ten years ago.

I also have many years of experience as a
I also have many years of experience as a fitness trainer with a focus on strength, prevention and health and have been working as a personal trainer since 2017. I create individual training and nutrition plans for my clients and also offer individual WuShu training sessions.